NYC-based. Nigerian roots.
AwỌmi naturals.


We are the product of a woman who spent her days at the local Nigerian markets selling produce in order to put her children through school. “Girls only go to school to get pregnant” was what my grandfather told her whenever they’d discuss the possibility of enrolling any of his 6 daughters.

Though she was 1/4 of a polygamist marriage, our grandmother was determined to see her children rise above the culture of the time. Because of her, our momS have found themselves today in a position most of their peers could only dream of.

Awomi Naturals is an expression of gratitude for the Visionaries. We are forward-thinking and always seeking to uplift & encourage the underdog.

From Them.

To You.

For Us.

With every purchase of an Awomi Naturals

100% organic beauty product,

you become apart of a global movement

to empower women's entrepreneurship

throughout West Africa.