13 Reason Why Your Deodorant Should be All Natural

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As the world makes the switch to organic, we’ve come up with a list of why there should be no sweat over what goes onto your pits.

Why Your Deodorant Should be All Natural:

  1. Less irritation. Your under arm has very sensitive skin; natural deodorants contain things like coconut oil or shea butter which have anti-inflammatory properties.

  2. Longer lasting shave.

  3. Prevents razor burn/bumps. Natural deodorants don’t have any of the chemicals in traditional deodorants that have been known to cause those painful burns and bumps.

  4. They don’t block your pores. Like your face, your armpits need to breath. Many of the commercial brand deodorants contain anti-perspirants that close your pores.

  5. Doesn’t stop sweat. Perspiration is a natural body process and essential to getting rid of toxins in the body.

  6. Reduces BO. Sweat by itself does not cause the stench we all want to avoid. In fact, that smell is caused by a particular bacteria’s reaction with your sweat. Natural deodorant, by controlling odor-causing bacteria, you continue to sweat—but without the stink.

  7. Armpits are skin. They need to be moisturized.

  8. Can use it all over body. Real ingredients for real skin. 

  9. Less is more. You don’t need to apply a lot for it to work: one or two swipes can do the trick.

  10. Won’t mess up your clothes. Those stains that ruin your fav black top come from the chemicals that are banished from natural deodorants. Problem solved.

  11. Smells great. Many natural deodorants make use of scents derived from essential oils found in nature.

  12. No aluminum + no chemicals = no health risk. Talc, parabens, and aluminium are linked to many cases of alzhiemer’s disease & breast cancer.

  13. No harm done to you, the environment, animals—we’re all happy.

*Remember that natural deodorants work differently for everyone. What works for one person may not work for another. Allow yourself 2 weeks with a particular product to test its effectiveness.

Happy Pits!

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